Faculty Of Applied Physics

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines whose application forms the basis of many technological advances known to us. The Department of Physics at the Institute aims at consolidating and broadening the understanding of its students in basic concepts of Physics thereby strengthening the foundation for the subsequent engineering courses.The Department is structured with good laboratories containing sophisticated instruments for students to perform the experiments within the academic schedule. The Department has research laboratories for faculties and students for carrying out research activities in various active fields of physics from Nano Sciences to high energy particle physics.

Faculty Of Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry not only provides technologies for applications but also covers a fundamental aspect of chemistry. The Department of chemistry at the institute aims to help the students learn the fundamentals of chemistry, which will enable them to play active roles in any discipline, along with process to develop fundamental ideas towards high technology. With a team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members who have contributed enormously in the field of research, the Department covers all major areas of chemistry viz., inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical chemistry.

Faculty Of Applied Mathematics

Mathematics is an integral part of engineering and Engineering Mathematics is the process of applying the principles of mathematics to solve real life engineering problems. A sound knowledge of mathematical tools makes a technocrat to excel in his/her profession. The Department of Applied Mathematics with its qualified and dedicated faculties offers courses to undergraduate and post graduate students of various engineering disciplines. The curriculum has been designed in the areas of applied mathematics, computational techniques and statistics to impart sound knowledge of various mathematical tools and their applications in engineering disciplines.

Faculty Of Technical English

The Department of Technical English primarily focuses on improving the Soft Skills, Communication and Personality Development for the undergraduate students. From the inception of the Institute, special care has been taken to develop language skills of those coming from rural background. The teaching methodology is activity oriented which makes teaching and learning process interesting and enhances teamwork culture within the students. The Department is well equipped with Orell Digital Language Laboratory to help the students update their language skills in English and in their academic progression. Also, the course design for language and communication lab aims at the students achieving competence in English language that would help them in getting lucrative employment.

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