About The Department

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) was established with the commitment to motivate and nurture young minds for production of excellent manpower to meet the challenges of a dynamic and ever changing industry. The course is designed to equip the students with the skills, concepts and principles of computing and helps develop an understanding of its application in computing system design, implementation and usage. The department is committed to provide budding technocrats with expert guidance and latest laboratory facilities for their technical upliftment and development of professional traits. The department aims to produce professionals who can cater to the growing demand of IT professionals. The Department aims to nurture students in terms of modern computer techniques and to prepare them, to cope well with the technical advancements in future. Computer Science being the flagship branch of Engineering takes focus in scientific research, scientific programming, and software engineering.


To produce globally competent, qualified computer professionals and promote the sharing of knowledge, enhancement of computing, coding and communication skills among the faculty and students through interactions within the departments with professional Computer Engineers and Scientists in the computing world and thereby inculcating commitment to social responsibilities, academic and professional ethics.


  • To provide quality undergraduate education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of Computer Science and train students to effectively solve real-world problems of 21st century.
  • To develop association with world class organizations to strengthen industry-academia relationships.
  • To prepare students for successful careers in the field of computing through flexible programs of study that can be adapted to support individual career goals.
  • To conduct and integrate research results and innovations into other scientific disciplines.
  • To promote Research and Development in the frontier areas of Computer Science & Engineering.
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