About The Department

It is one of the core branches of engineering that deals with electricity, power generation and transmission.Study of electrical machines, transformers, motors, and generators form the major part of the curriculum. To handle the growing requirement of power in our homes, commercial establishments, cities and villages, mines,agriculture, railway, industries and other sectors the department imparts technical knowledge to cater to the needs of the industry. With its roots in science, electrical engineering is frequently to be found at the forefront of many new and exciting fields, such as neural computing and superconductivity.


To Impart knowledge in Electrical Science and Technology to meet the global standards to produce ethically and emotionally strong electrical engineers who can meet the technological challenges for the well being of this country in the coming years.


  • To produce Electrical Engineers of high Caliber, to serve the Society and Nation.
  • To develop the Electrical Engineering Department as a center of Excellence in Power Electronics and Industrial Drives and related areas of Research.
  • To create young future leaders with latest technical expertise in their field along with social and moral ethics to bridge the gap between our academics and current industrial standards.
  • To provide knowledge base and consultancy services to the rural and tribal community around us for their upliftment and well being.
  • To develop the creative innovational research capabilities of the students and transforming them to be capable of contributing in the development of our society
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