Our Editor's Desk

From Editor's Desk

We are glad to announce that the 'International Journal of Scientific Research and Technology'(Int.J.Sc.Res.Tec.) is developed with the aim to assist researchers to grow at all levels and provide a platform to research scholars,scientists,professors,post-docs and students who are seeking publishing opportunities for their research work.

This journal strives to address issues consering science,engineering and technology in many frontier areas of research,development and its application.It promotes publishing state of the art articles in cutting edge areas of science,engineering and technology to stimulate research in the young minds in these areas.

Our consistent efforts will be aimed towards increasing the visibility,impact and the overall standard of the journal.We very much look foreard to strengthen the availability and accessability of the journal. It is our hope that our esteemed readers and authours will continue to support us by reading,discussing,recommending, citing our journal and submitting high-quality manuscripts with innovative ideas.

I take this opportunity to thank our Honourable Chairperson,Mrs.Janki Devi,Director,Prof.S.K.Singh and Principal,Prof.R.P.Sharma for their commitment and passion in bringing out this eventful issue.I would also like to thank our Advisory and Editorial board members, last but not least all the Faculty Members of Cambridge Institute of Technology,Tatisilwai,Ranchi,India for their unforgettable help and moral support.

Kindnest regard,