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On the Rainfall in Marathawada and the Need for Farmers to have an Alternative Source of Income

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada


Abstract : : In this work the rainfall in Marathawada is studied, and possible source of rainfall erraticism is analyzed. Based on the historical data, prediction of rain in the year 2015 is made. Since the rain amount varies widely from year to year, it would be advisable for the farmers to have an alternative for irrigation or have alternate sources of income. Since the prediction is being made well in advance on December 2, 2014 i.e. the date of completion of the manuscript, , it gives sufficient time to farmers to select future course of action if the technique demonstrated here is followed subsequently.

Keyword : Monsoon rain prediction, annual rainfall, rainfall frequency spectrum, El Nino and La Nina influence on rainfall, drought and famine, crop failure