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Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Using Honeypots

    Department of Computer Science, Birla Institute of Technology, Patna Campus, Patna, India: Department of Computer Science, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India: Department of Mathematic


Abstract : Honeypots is a resource which pretends to be a real target, so that we can protect the real resource or service from the malicious users/hackers and know their intentions and attack patterns. In this paper, we present a security solution whereby we deploy three fake services on three ports on the server. These act as bait to the hacker and whenever one tries to access, we close the connection and know the IP address and the ports from which it is establishing the connection, and store it in a database. On a large number of connection attempts on these fake services, the IP addresses are deemed as malicious users and they are denied connection on the main service and their report is given to the admin, so that we can manually block or unblock the IP addresses and can identify the location and take requisite action.

Keyword : DOS, DDOS, Fake IP Address, Honeypots, Hackers