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Boron manganese steel in hot stamping application-A Review

Abstract : Within the innovative hot forming process for sheet metals,it is possible to combine forming and quenching in one process step. This affords the opportunity to manufacture components with complex geometric shapes, high strength and a minimum of springback which currently find applications as crash relevant components in the automotive industry. 22MnB5 boron alloyed steel is the common steel which is used for such advanced hot forming process. The mentioned steel has acceptable hardenability and produces fully lath martensitic microstructure after hot stamping. The yield strength and the ultimate tensile strength after hot stamping are increased to approximately1000 MPa and 1500 MPa, respectively. But the steel industry in keen on developing the steels with better quenchability even in the lower cooling rate to ensure the good and stable product properties of hot-stamped sheet. This paper reviews the factors which influence boron manganese steel used in hot stamping technology for automotive industry.

Keyword : Automotive Industry, Hot Stamping, Tensile Strength