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A Wireless Speed Control of Induction Motor

    Department of EEE,Cambridge Institute of Technology, Tatisilwai, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India


Abstract : The goal of this paper is to wireless control of induction motor using PLC .The PLC is the emerging technology in the electrical and electronics world because it have the various component such as memory input and output system, this function allows a PLC to read the status of its input terminals and energize or de-energize its output terminals. This paper investigates the communication between PLC and PC through wireless connection for controlling the speed of induction motor. In wired network system the communication between PLC and motor, I get the RPM of induction motor through manually using tachometer and manually change the speed reference through VFD. So I get the approx straight line output between speed reference and manually RPM. But in case of wireless system the connection between PLC and PC is very interesting and useful for future work. In this method the speed reference input is given in PC through RS logix 5000 software and is running in both mode forward and reverse direction manually. The VFD is much important role play for record the data of voltages, currents, RPM, (in forward or reverse mode) also DC bus voltage etc, in loading or without loading in motor respectively. So the output waveform between speed reference and RPM in wireless system is also a straight line when we record the RPM using tachometer but in PLC the indicated reading is recorded with slip. So in this paper I got a conclusion between speed reference and RPM with both connections wired or wireless the changing of output waveform is not vary. So wireless system is very useful for large and future scope.

Keyword : Induction Motor , PLC, VFD, PC,AC Drives,Cable