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Design and Analysis of Minkowski Square Loop Fractal Antenna

Abstract : With the rapid evolution in wireless communication systems and increasing importance next generation wireless applications, wideband and low profile antennas are in great demand for both commercial and military applications. Applying fractals to antenna elements allows for smaller, resonant antennas that are multiband/broadband and may be optimized for gain. In this paper, Minkowski fractal antenna for Bluetooth application has been designed. Apart from this, it can be used for various other applications as well because of its multiband feature. The antenna is fed by Microstrip feeding technique. The proposed patch antenna is designed and simulated on IE3D simulation software and it is designed to operate in 2.45GHz band. In this analysis, we have compared the antenna parameters such as gain, impedance, antenna efficiency, radiation efficiency, radiation pattern, polar plots, VSWR and Q-factor. Reduction in patch antenna size is achieved when performing fractalization of the main patch.

Keyword : Minkowski Fractal Antenna, Microstrip feed, Radiation pattern, VSWR.