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Quality of Service (QoS) for improvement of Channel Assignment Scheme in Wireless Mesh Network

Abstract : The wireless mesh network is an emerging technology for the next generation wireless Internet. It works as a backhaul for other wireless network. There are number of issues which need to be considering in wireless mesh network. As in other networks like MANET, ADHOC, SENSOR power is the major constrained. But it is not so in WMN. So, Power can be optimally utilised. It can be used to increase throughput and channel utilization of the network so that to improve QoS. Here we will discuss some major issues which need to be considered in WMN. Wireless mesh network operates similar as the network of fixed routers only difference is that they are connected with the wireless links. This paper gives the brief overview of the issues exist in WMN and the existing channel assignment schemes in multicast WMN.

Keyword : QoS, mesh network; channel assignment; multicast