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Cfd Analysis of Aerodynamic Design of Vehicle

    Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Cambridge Institute of Technology,Tatisilwai, Ranchi, India and Hindustan Urvarak and Rasayan Limited,New Delhi, India


Abstract : The choice of car is often made on the basis of fuel efficiency cost and comfort. However for general purpose fuel efficiency is the most important factor that is responsible for the overall popularity of a car of any make fuel efficiency is depend upon the performance of internal combustion engine and also on the aerodynamic design body of the car. Aerodynamic styling of car is one of the most crucial aspects of car design. In compassing task on artful integration of CAD modelling, The objective of the present study is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of a 3-D car model to find the aerodynamic design parameters.Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the numerical techniques to solve the equations of fluid flow. CFD tool is found very useful in automobile industry 3-D solid model of the car of different make will be constructed by using pro-engineering software and the analysis was done on ansys software. The aerodynamic analysis of the design parameter of car will be performed by using a suitable turbulence model and to compare the drag coefficient and drag force of different model car (Maruti Alto, Maruti Omni Omni and Tata Indica). The result obtained from CFD analysis will be validated by field/experimental studies. The result of software analysis has agreed excellently with field experimentally results.

Keyword : CAD, CFD, Pro-E, Ansys, Drag coefficient