About The Department

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most important core engineering department and a very broad branch of professional engineering. Mechanical engineers are found in almost every type of engineering activity and are involved in power generation, transportation systems for land, sea and air, pollution control, environmental protection and biomedical engineering. They are found in a wide range of industries which manufacture machinery and consumer goods. They design machinery, engines, vehicles, agricultural and mining equipment, ships and household appliances and maintain coal conveyor systems, building services, oil and gas pipelines and port loading facilities. The great diversity of applications for mechanical engineers means they are much sought after in both commercial and industrial fields. The course offered by the institute is well blended in terms of theoretical and practical aspects.


To provide nation with bright mechanical engineers through excellence in education of Mechanical Engineering and serve as a valuable resource for industry & society as a whole and remain a source of pride for the nation.


  • To inculcate excellent knowledge by engaging in effective mode of teaching and research to promote academic growth by offering State-of-the-Art Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Programme.
  • To infuse a sense of excitement among students to develop creative thinking through skills & innovative ideas that encourages entrepreneurship and thereby providing overall growth of the society & industry with present & future demand.
  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in their respective fields of Mechanical Engineering.
  • To provide high quality and value based technical education to nurture business leaders with global outlook and offer innovative solutions to our stake-holders.

Core Values

  • Academic integrity and accountability.
  • Respect and tolerance for the views of each individuals.
  • Attention to issues of national relevance as well as global concern.
  • Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.
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